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Blue October Albums

Walk Amongs the Living - CD


Blue October UK returns with their eagerly awaited 4th album. This pioneering British band presents a unique, eclectic mix of electronics and acoustics, hurtling them into the 22nd century. Flashes of yesterday, today and tomorrow tenderly wrapped in every emotion to startle the senses. Real songs brimming with passion, angst and sadness. The band blends their loved and revered trademark sounds with the highest standard of musicianship and sound production. Lose yourself in memories. Think. Reminisce. Dream.......let Blue October UK touch your very heart, mind and soul. Come on, take a Walk Amongst the Living..

1. The Miracles Gone
2. City Lights
3. Let Me See
4. All is said and Done
5. Tears of Silvery Rain
6. Taking on this Love
7. Ascension
8. The Girl from Ohio
9. Whats on your Mind?
10. Spinning on the Fullstop
11. Non Compos Mentis
12. People are Strange
13. Beautiful Skin

Walk Amongs the Living - Digital

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Incoming - Remastered - CD


Remastered version of Blue October's debut album. This new release comes with an additional bonus disc featuring new and exclusive remixes plus single b-sides and previously un-released tracks.

Disc 1

1. Intro
2. Where I Stand
3. When you leave
4. Over
5. Safe
6. Force
7. Believe
8. Incoming
9. Now is the Day
10. True to Me
11. Slowburn

Disc 2

1. Incoming (Duck for Cover)
2. Over (Fantazja Mix)
3. I Believe in You (Demo)
4. Incoming (Coralpaperturn Mix)
5. Hope (Acoustic Mix)
6. Believe (2007 Acoustic Mix)
7. Incoming (Gavanna Mix)
8. This Funny Thing Called Love (Demo)
9. When you Leave (Acoustic Mix)
10. Believe (Club Mix)
11. Blaze a Trail
12. Over (Extended Dream Mix)

Incoming 2007 - Remasterd - Digital

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Preaching Lies to the Righteous - Digital Only

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The follow up to the debut INCOMING, Preaching lies to the Righteous builds on the bands reputation for strong well written melodic synthpop. With a new mix of the single Stranded.

1. Mistakes
2. All I Need is Now
3. Stranded
4. Closer to the Sky than the Sea
5. I Remember it Too
6. While Easy Slips Away
7. Casino
8. Silent Partner
9. Venice is Calling
10. Lust is a Very Dangerous Thing
11. Leaving This Place
12. Let the Sandman Descend

One day silver, One day gold


Blue October's third album, building on a strong reputation for smooth, melodic electronic pop music. The soulful vocals glide with emotion over the bouncing synthesizer patterns and pulsing beats, with one memorable song after another. The album includes three bonus remixes, all rhythmically enhanced for club play.

1. It’s Not Enough
2. I Never Thought I’d See You Cry
3. Un-done
4. Free
5. Nervous Energy
6. Pushing
7. Somewhere
8. Are We the Reason?
9. Nowhere
10. The Soul Within
11. Supanova
12. Light Over Dark
13. The Soul Within (Remix)
14. It’s Not Enough (Remix)
15. Never Thought I’d See You Cry (Remix)

Blue October Singles

Believe - Digital Only

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This was a special, yet sad EP release for England's Blue October. This EP presents a couple of remixes of favorite tracks from the band's "Incoming" album, but also features the last couple songs performed by Barney Miller, the band's original singer. This 5-song collection was released shortly after his tragic and untimely death and is here preserved and presented in his memory.

1. Believe (Slick Mix)
2. Hope
3. Believe (Club Mix)
4. Over (Extended Dream Mix)
5. Blaze a Trail

Stranded - Digital Only

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This single is the first from Blue October's second album. This single keeps in the original sound and style of Blue October, with catchy hooks and fun analog synths to keep the listener bouncing along.

1. Stranded (Radio Edit)
2. Tranquility Base
3. Stranded (Sounds Like Garbage Mix)
4. Stranded (Deconstruction Mix)
5. Heat (PipAndNut Mix)

Mistakes - Digital Only

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The second single from Preaching lies delivers a great collection of remixes of this track along with an exclusive new song's, "Soul" and "Sky:inverted" remixes by B! Machine and Contact List plus the chilled out mix of "Lust is a Very Dangerous Thing".

1. Mistakes (Bearings and Marble Mix)
2. Soul
3. Mistakes (B! Machine Alternate Mix)
4. Mistakes (Contact List Mix)
5. SKY:Inverted (Motions Through a Cosmos Mix)
6. Lust is a Very Dangerous Thing (Gyroscopic Rules Mix)
7. Mistakes (Album Version)

Free - Digital Only

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This single throws out an enticing taste of the album "One Day Silver, One Day Gold". The original version of "Free" starts off with a fresh acoustic guitar, then brings in those soulful vocals and electronic backing for an uplifting pop song. The "Liberation Mix" then kicks the song into high gear for a trance-infused club mix, while the "Wideband Network" mix brings a clubby dance groove into the track. There's also a danceable remix of another album track "Supanova" as mixed by Love|less, and an exclusive b-side track "Fireclad (Phosphorus Party Mix)".

1. Free - Radio Edit
2. Free - Liberation Mix
3. Free - Wideband Mix
4. Supanova - Love - Less mix
5. Fireclad - Phosphorus party mix

Let Me See - Digital Only

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1. Let Me See
2. Let Me See - Dub Mix
3. Let Me See - Plum Mix

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